I@E cultivates a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship at Emory using multifaceted approaches, with initiatives big and small, to nurture and expand our "innovation ecosystem". Our objectives include:

  • Increasing “horizontal” and “vertical” integration across Emory University;
  • Aligning incentives aimed at developing a collaborative innovation ecosystem;
  • Fostering additional academic/commercial sector partnerships;
  • Centralizing and scaling program leadership resources to support innovation and entrepreneurship; and
  • Advancing a cultural transformation that minimizes fragmentation and promotes synergy.

The I@E program is complementary to and synergistic with the Emory Healthcare Innovation Hub, led by Scott Boden, Chair of the Department of Orthopedics at Emory School of Medicine and Chief of Orthopedic and Musculoskeletal Medicine at Emory Healthcare and the Innovation Center, led by Erika James, Dean of Goizueta Business School.

The I@E ecosystem organizes strategic initiatives around a series of five interconnected activities, as outlined below:

The I@E Ecosystem

A flowchart demonstrating the I@E EcosystemA flowchart demonstrating the I@E Ecosystem

Inspire - Sharing Successes and Failures

We believe that the first step in enhancing a culture of innovation is to inspire our nascent innovators. By sharing our successes and failures with them, we demonstrate that successful innovation within a university is possible to achieve. However, to avoid novice mistakes, it often requires collaboration with others that have complementary skill sets. Indeed, achieving success is rarely a linear process carried out by a single individual.

The first of our "Inspire" activities was showcased by the Presidential Innovation Dinner Series, held on February, 25, 2019. This series will take place quarterly.

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Engage - Expanding Our Knowledge Base Beyond Disciplinary Borders

The I@E project-driven curriculum is focused on innovation, entrepreneurship and global health. It uses innovative offering that complement existing educational programs with"must have" competencies rarely taught to educate and engage the Emory and greater Atlanta communities.

The inaugural "Engage" activity will take place on April, 18, 2019 as a daylong symposium, I@E Day, which brings together faculty, staff and students interested in innovation, entrepreneurship and global health. It will include a keynote by John Rice, the Chairman of GE Gas Power, an Innovation Panel and workshops on assessing the viability of commercial ideas and protecting one's intellectual property. I@E day will culminate with a showcase of innovations developed by Emory faculty and staff.

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Empower - Providing The Tools Needed To Enhance Problem-Solving And Critical Thinking Skills

I@E empowers participants to enhance their critical thinking and problem-solving skills by immersing them in an innovative, team-oriented environment.

I@E provides "hands on" experiential learning opportunities to empower individuals and groups to create novel solutions for addressing unmet societal needs.

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Advise - Connecting With Experts

I@E is developing a diverse pool of innovation coaches, mentors and external advisers to serve as “sounding boards” for assessing and advancing university-based innovations.

I@E connects program participants with successful professionals via our Entrepreneurs-in-Residence (EiR) program to provide guidance for advancing their technologies and interventions.

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Transform - Putting Ideas And Initiatives Into Practice

The I@E experience culminates with the translation of an idea into a successful innovation, i.e., a product, service or intervention that addresses an unmet need. Success in this area is an important manifestation of the university’s mission of creating and disseminating knowledge.

Students, staff and faculty are inspired, engaged and empowered to transform their personal experience and knowledge into solutions to real-world problems.